Passenger Cum Material Hoist

Movement of material and personnel is one of the most crucial jobs at any construction sites. While it has to be safe and completely damage free, it also has to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness. MKG's signature product in this category, is a preferred choice across real estate and infrastructure developers.


Rebar Processing Equipments

Bar cutting and bar bending are two of the most frequent operations at a construction site. Efficient, highly profitable and offering multiple variants of cutting diameters, the rebar processing equipment by MKG is truly world-class. Take a look.

Bar Cutting Machines

Bar Bending Machines

Concrete Mixing Solutions

Put simply, no construction can take shape without quality concrete. This makes it extremely important for construction sites to have concrete mixers with good capability and great output quality. At MKG, we offer different types of concrete mixers that promise best quality concrete mixing. Choose what suits you the best.

Reversible Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer

Material Handling Solutions

Construction material of different types, sizes and weights needs to be moved around the construction site, especially vertically. MKG offers reliable, sturdy and cost-effective material handling solutions that cater to the varying needs at different construction sites, with complete efficiency.

Hanging Platform

Mini Lift

Tower / Builder Hoist

Compaction Solutions

Whether its soil or concrete surfaces, compaction is a part of every construction activity to achieve a layer of finesse. Depending on the type of surface, MKG has a varied portfolio of compaction machinery, which perfectly caters to the needs of different construction sites. Their cost-effectivity makes them even more ideal.

Walk Behind Roller

Tamping Rammer

Plate Compactor

Light Construction Machinery

Power supply, cutting and leveling solutions are a part of the most basic yet critical equipment at a construction site. MKG offers world-class products in this category, which prove to be the lifeline at a construction site. Browse through our products and specifications below.

Tower Light

Concrete Cutter


Needle Vibrator Series

Frequency converters, concrete vibrators and handy vibrators are extremely important for some of the most essential operations. MKG offers high-quality products in this series to cater to the modern needs at different project sites.

Frequency Convertor & Needle

Conventional Vibrator



Highly economic solutions to use MKG equipment, instead of heavy investment.


A prompt and pan-India technical support for maintenance of all MKG equipment.


Reconfiguring & customising specific parameters of your existing machines so that they seamlessly suit conditions at a new site.


A one-of-its-kind resale facility for specific equipment, to ensure best value.